IERG hosts various training events throughout the year that range from webinars to in-person seminars. IERG training events are open to Members and non-Members. Please be sure to check this site frequently, throughout the year, to find the latest information on upcoming IERG training events.

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Webinar – “The US Supreme Court’s Decision in County of Maui v. Hawaii Wildlife Fund:
How Does This Affect My Company and What Happens Next?”

This audio webinar will explain the Supreme Court’s April 2020 decision in County of Maui v. Hawaii Wildlife Fund.

Discussion includes:

  • What this decision means for future regulation of groundwater contamination;
  • Which industries are most likely to be impacted by the decision;
  • How the “function equivalent” test may be implemented by regulators and courts;
  • What this decision means in delegated state such as Illinois; and
  • Issues and risks for regulated industries to take into account with remedial actions involving groundwater contamination.


  • Jennifer Martin, Partner, HelperBroom
  • Brian Dodds, Associate, HeplerBroom

Environmental Basics Navigating Environmental Compliance in Illinois

Are you new to the environmental field, new to Illinois, responsible for environmental issues among other topics, or a member of a group employed to address various environmental media specialties? This Seminar is for YOU!

Environmental regulations are constantly changing. It’s imperative to stay on top of the who, what, when, where, why, and how necessary to understand, achieve, and maintain compliance. This Seminar is unlike any environmental seminar you’ve attended! The topics and sessions are designed to detail the technical and legal requirements necessary for compliance. The Seminar highlights the different permit types, when they are required, and what you need to apply for them. Other key components include:

  • learning how to manage your obligations under each permit;
  • learning what to expect during an inspection;
  • learning how to stay in compliance;
  • becoming familiar with how IEPA reviews permits and other regulatory deviations;
  • learning the Agency’s process;
  • learning the basic standards and regulations;
  • becoming aware of regulatory changes on the horizon; and

Environmental Basics Seminar is offered every odd year as a 2-day Conference. The Conference will encompass Land, Water and Air topics packed into a 2-day event.

2019 Speakers Included:

  • Heather Nifong, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
  • Brenda Carter, Illinois Pollution Control Board
  • Annette Fulgenzi, Small Business Environmental Assistance Program, DCEO
  • Andrew Armstrong, Attorney General’s Office
  • Colleen Callahan, Illinois Department of Natural Resources
  • LaDonna Driver, Alec Messina, Michael Murphy, and Melissa Brown, HeplerBroom LLC
  • Darin LeCrone, Industrial Unit Manager, Permit Section, Bureau of Water, IEPA
  • Brian Koch, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
  • Cathy Siders, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
  • Kyle Rominger, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
  • Kenn Smith, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
  • John Richardson, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
  • James Jennings, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency IEPA
  • David Bloomberg, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
  • Daniel Rowell, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency


Title V Seminar – Illinois’ Premier Air Permitting Seminar

IERG hosts this Seminar yearly in Springfield, IL. The Seminar is designed to educate environmental professionals on the ever changing field of environmental permitting and compliance. The Seminar is rich in content and presenters, featuring key persons who administer Illinois’ Air Pollution Control Programs and who confer with facilities on regulatory and compliance matters. The Seminar is an opportunity to seek a comprehensive review and update of requirements related to Illinois air permitting, standards, and compliance.

The presenters typically cover these important topics:

  • Title V Permit Basics;
  • Updates on New and Upcoming Air Regulations;
  • Effective Permitting Strategies;
  • Permit Renewal Issues;
  • Compliance Strategies and Enforcement Information;
  • NSR/PSD Permitting; and
  • Industry Perspectives.

Take this opportunity to learn about business’ regulatory obligations and receive specific information on how best to verify and maintain compliance from those who administer the programs.