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Membership in the Illinois Environmental Regulatory Group provides a number of benefits that are unique in the State of Illinois:



  • IERG’s dedicated staff focuses solely on environmental issues at an unmatched level of depth and detail. In its 36 years, IERG has positioned itself as the leader and voice of business advocacy in the State on environmental issues. Our working relationships with staff in the Governor’s Office, and at all levels of State Agencies, from directors down to permit writers, allow us to effectively engage the State on issues of importance to our Members.
  • IERG’s staff serve as eyes and ears for our Members – we attend most, if not all, meetings and stakeholder/environmental policy development sessions throughout the State, and provide regular updates to the Members so that they can rest assured that they are not missing anything.
  • IERG’s involvement in matters saves its Members time and money in terms of staff time, travel, etc. We are there when you cannot be and representing your interests.
  • IERG provides opportunities for Members to discuss and share perspectives with other environmental professionals.
  • Through IERG, Members speak with a collective voice that demands attention and respect. Members’ input directly impacts the positions and policies IERG pursues.
  • IERG’s Members also have an ally at the Statehouse. Most typically, IERG monitors pending legislation, whether it be proposed by environmental groups, the Illinois EPA, or others, to keep Members informed and get involved when necessary. Although less frequent, IERG has played a key role in coordinating business groups, negotiating, and drafting many of the major environmental laws that have been adopted in Illinois.
  • IERG Membership also provides access to the expertise of IERG’s consultants and other environmental professionals employed by the IERG Members. IERG Members regularly pose questions for IERG’s consultants in response to situations they are dealing with. IERG also helps facilitate dialogs among its Members that are dealing or have dealt with similar environmental issues, to share the lessons learned or other insights.
  • IERG offers a number of seminars and webinars to further educate environmental professionals.

For more information regarding IERG Membership, please contact IERG Staff by phone at 217-522-5512 or by email at iergstaff@ierg.org or fill out the form below.


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