Who We Are…

The Illinois Environmental Regulatory Group was established in 1985 to represent industries’ interests in the development and negotiation of environmental regulations and laws in Illinois.  IERG’s founder and first Executive Director, Sidney Marder, recognized an absence of representation for industry in environmental matters before state agencies, the Illinois legislature, and Illinois Pollution Control Board. Having worked for industry and as a state employee, as well as served on the Illinois Pollution Control Board, Mr. Marder understood the importance of the principle that environmental regulation and policy be grounded on sound science and produce demonstrated environmental improvements commensurate with the costs involved for compliance. These same principles continue to form the basis of IERG’s activities and involvement in matters today.


What We do…

Because of the diversity of environmental regulations – and the way in which responsibilities are spread over state government – IERG is involved with an ever expanding universe of state agencies and departments. To this end, IERG expends effort to actually draft both regulatory language and detailed comments on proposals put forth by regulatory agencies. On behalf of IERG Members, staff is involved early in the effort to provide sound and technically defensible input throughout the regulatory, policy, and legislative processes.

IERG’s efforts are focused on and derived from the broad interests of our Members. Our current Members are a diverse cross-section of the regulated community, including power generation, refineries, chemicals and heavy equipment manufacturing, as well as other sectors. The broad-range of interests of our Members means that there are very few environmental issues that IERG is not involved in to some degree.

For over 30 years, IERG has been the premier business association in the State of Illinois on environmental matters. Our staff and expertise is unmatched and our commitment to provide quality services is what continues to make IERG a successful and well respected organization.