The Environmental Affairs Committee

The EAC is a partnership between the Illinois Chamber of Commerce and the Illinois Environmental Regulatory Group (IERG) to broaden the business-stakeholder involvement in environmental legislative, regulatory, and policy discussion and development. The EAC is staffed by IERG’s staff of environmental professionals and is made up of IERG’s members, the Illinois Chamber of Commerce’s business members, and others active in the business-side of the environmental community to discuss environmental issues and policy development.


Benefits of Membership

  • Members of the EAC receive monthly newsletters to keep them apprised of ongoing developments to federal and state environmental issues, including legislation, regulatory development and implementation, and precedent setting litigation.   
  • The EAC meets quarterly for detailed discussion of issues of importance, strategic discussion of pro-business initiatives, and to hear from prominent guest speakers. EAC meetings provide both an opportunity for environmental professionals to network among their peers, and provide updates on developments at the state level to ensure that the members are the best informed among their competitors. One prominent environmental attorney recently remarked that the discussion at a meeting provided “information he does not receive anywhere else.”   
  • EAC members also have access to IERG’s staff to ask questions of or provide input into issues of importance.
  • The EAC also serves as a valuable resource in shaping environmental policy moving forward and will provide feedback to the Illinois Chamber of Commerce and IERG on key issues.